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SPECTRUM Learning Methods

“I learn best working at my own pace”
“I need a structured classroom setting to stay focused”
“I need flexibility in scheduling”

At SPECTRUM we understand that everyone is different. That is why we have developed innovative learning methods that fit your individual learning style and busy schedule.

Some computer training providers offer only classroom training while others offer only online learning. Only SPECTRUM offers a fully integrated learning solution.
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Innovative and Practical

Our Integrated Learning Approach and Learning Port software gives individual learners and training managers the ability to assess skills, track progress, increase retention, and manage training across the entire company, thereby offering a better return on the investment of time and money. Learn more about our flexible learning methods:

Traditional Classroom Learning
Learn the traditional way, in our classroom with one of our outstanding instructors.

Mentored Learning
Succeed at your own pace with one-on-one mentoring, a flexible schedule and targeted content.

Online LIVE
Combine the benefits of the classroom with the convenience of the Internet for a live eLearning experience with our “classroom on the web.”

Learn at your convenience and your own pace with our online, self-led training.

Private Classes
Have a large group that needs trained? Let New Horizons schedule a private event

On-Site Training
Let SPECTRUM bring the classroom to your place of business